Director’s Note
This story was brought to me by one of my students at TheFilmSchool. Ramona Guentzel. Ramona is a lovely woman with a big heart, and her script touched me with its subtle understandings about love, marriage and family. 

Spinning is a short film whose strength lies in its little moments.  Making breakfast for your child before school, watching your husband dance with his daughter, sewing a costume for the big school play.  It's the little moments, the tender mercies, that we cherish, but oh how easy it is for us to live in the past and forget to pay attention to the beauty of what lies in the present.

This is what touched me in Ramona's piece, and Ramona and I, along with our great producer Chris Oliver, set about to assemble a team of the best professionals we could to make this film as good as we could.  Seattle has great acting and production talent, so it wasn't hard to find people, but it was hard to find people who were available as Seattle is also a city where we make a lot of indie films.  But we managed to assemble a great crew, a lot of whom had worked with us on our previous film, Arthur, and we landed one of the best casts I have seen in Seattle.

We tried to stay present while we shot this film, and through post, paying attention to how lucky we were to have this opportunity.  I hope those little moments in the film touch you as much as they have touched me.

-- John Jacobsen, Director

Writer’s Note
Spinning is a very personal story in many ways. It's about a complicated mother daughter relationship, which many of us have. We also have people in our lives that we have thrown away or shunned because of how they have "offended" us.

I have spent many a day and sometimes years holding someone at arm's length because of how they have treated me or because I think they need to apologize.

My hope is that this film will give us a child's lesson about forgiveness...that forgiveness is not to make my transgressor feel better. But that forgiveness is for me.

I am so thankful for the many people who have helped me get this film to the big screen—especially my best friend and biggest supporter, Jeff Guentzel. And, for the amazing talents and mentorship of John Jacobsen. John has taught me so much about story telling and about having real passion for your work. The other man in my life right now is Chris Oliver, who is the most amazing producer ever! Chris, you rock! And to all my peeps, Kimberly, Nancy, Laurie Z, Carol, Chrissie, Nate, Nick, Eva, Paula, Mateo, Mikee, Lindsay, you are the wind (and prayer) beneath my wings!

Lastly, and mostly, thank you, my Lord Jesus, for the many blessings and for making my dreams a reality. "Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

--Ramona Guentzel